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Architecture is not only about design,

it is about the way each of us experiences life

Florian, Irene, and Alexis founded together the architectural team FIORE Architects in 2015. They have studied Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens. The team was created, in the beginning, in order to participate in International Architectural Competitions, where it has earned numerous prizes and mentions. Thereafter,  small-scale residences and renovations of small-scale have been carried out both in Greece and in Sarande. FIORE Architects have also collaborated on larger scale projects with greek architecture offices. Finally, they are also actively involved in the field of 3D Visualization by the name ΦΩS Visualization Studios. 


Florian Giannis Liakos


Irene Helen Marcantonatou



Alexis Visvinis




First Prize in International Arch Competition 

_Building complex for municipal welfare uses in Thessaloniki (2018)

Second Prize in

_Domes Awards 2018 in the category 'Best project of the Years 2013-2017‘ for Amsterdam Kindergarten

_Domes Awards 2019 in the  Category 'Best study for 10 years  Domes’ for Tectonic Lodging

_Tourism Awards 2020 in the category of ‘innovation concept’ for the exhibition design
“Echoes of antiquity in El Greco’s oeuvre”

Third Prize in International Arch Competition 

_Amsterdam Kindergarten (2017)

Honorable Mentions in International Arch Competition in

_Wellness Center in Bologna (2014)

_Poveglia University Campus (2015)

_Lighthouse Art Sea Hotel (2015)

Finalist in International Arch Competitions in

_Florina School of Fine Arts (2018)

_Observatory Houses (2017)

_Lamborghini  Road Monument (2017)


Exhibitions | Conferences

9th Biennale of Young Greek Architects with two projects

10th Biennale of Young Greek Architects with two Projects

Conference invitation for 9th Biennale

Confrence invitation ‘Experience Localism’ for XENIA 2018



Archdaily, Doma Mag, EK magazine, Archetype, Bustler, Beta , Ktirio 


TROPALIS L.P. Consulting Engineers

ILIDA Consulting Engineers S.A.

Manolis Karademiris


Spyros Chrisikopoulos


Ianthi Asimakopoulouu


Aristides Dallas

Antonia Panagi


Sotiria Smirnaiou


George Kapsalidis

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